About Us

DXB-i is a Team of strategic thinkers, designers and interactive developers committed towards the fulfillment of each client’s needs and their project requirements in a form which imbues elegance and functionality. We are specialized in design, space planning, FF&E, Co ordination and implementation of office interiors, retails, restaurants and residential commissions.

The team has successfully worked together under different guises for the last 8 years on a large diversity of projects. We all are very knowledgeable in our own areas and have a great understanding of each person’s roles and responsibilities. The team has a diverse mix of experience, talent, personality and skill-sets which all complement each other. This combination of people gives DXB-i a fantastic project team to deliver successful projects. We all are very passionate about our work and most of all we have fun doing it.

At DXB-i we prefer not to “fit and forget” but maintain our relationship and offer assistance, no matter how small, in making the new environment work for you. And when things change, our team can give you a hand offering flexible and responsive solutions to meet those needs.


 Dxb-i…Going green


Going green is all about what we do and all the products we use and their impact on our environment and our own health. After analyzing those impacts indepth, as an interior design and Build firm we realized that there is something we can do about it. We know we won’t be able to change the whole worldovernight. But a little step today towards an eco-friendly environment which would be a great contribution to our Mother Nature and future generation.


Certainly, to create an eco-friendly working/Living environment we have to make certain commitments and social involvement from our side. Our team has been working on this Green project since august 2013 to create more sustainable and eco friendly working / Living environments for our clients.


Please feel free to give us a call for more details. We are more than happy to assist you in making your projects greener.