Why DXB-i

Our Expertise Saves your valuable time

We understand the value of your time and what each project means to you. That’s why we are committed to provide from conception to completion a fully managed personal turnkey solution to projects. This allows you, the client a hassle free project and to focus on running your own business and other activities.

We Educate our clients by an effective Pre-Project Approach

Our Team educates our clients and ensures that the client fully understands each and every aspect of the final project proposal. This allows you the client to be in a position to confidently sign off final designs, product specifications, project timelines and project costs.

Project Team Continuity

DXB-i provides continuity right through the project process. From conception to completion the team is the same. This approach ensures no communication errors from the initial design phase right through to the build and handover.

Competitive Pricing

On every project DXB-i Costing Team comes out with the best price in the market for our clients and meet price erosion without compromising the quality.This will ensure us to be very competitive in our pricing structure.

Price Certainty

DXB-i deliver the signed off project proposal for the agreed fixed price without any hidden or additional Extra cost.

Project Compliance

DXB-i as a principal contractor takes care of the minefields which are Civil Defense, Municipality, Water & Electricity Authority, Environment, Health and Safety Compliance and other concerned Local Authority approvals. We make all our clients aware of their project responsibilities and then we manage the process.

Landlord Liaison and Approval

Getting landlord approval for any potential tenants fit-out proposal can be a lengthy process. We at DXB-i get the landlord’s pack of information at the very initial stage and share it with our clients and obtain the Landlord’s approval in fast Track.


DXB-i has a proven track record of delivering successful and Quality Projects to a diverse client base. For us Quality means consistently exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients, not just in terms of product quality, but in all aspects of our business. It is the responsibility of everyone in the Team to strive for the highest level of excellence and performance in everything we do.

Personal Service / Single Point of Contact

On every project you the client deal with our allocated single point of contact. It helps eliminate the communication issues through out the projects. And you always have direct access to the owners of our business.


 Dxb-i…Going green


Going green is all about what we do and all the products we use and their impact on our environment and our own health. After analyzing those impacts indepth, as an interior design and Build firm we realized that there is something we can do about it. We know we won’t be able to change the whole worldovernight. But a little step today towards an eco-friendly environment which would be a great contribution to our Mother Nature and future generation.


Certainly, to create an eco-friendly working/Living environment we have to make certain commitments and social involvement from our side. Our team has been working on this Green project since august 2013 to create more sustainable and eco friendly working / Living environments for our clients.


Please feel free to give us a call for more details. We are more than happy to assist you in making your projects greener.